Jr. Essential Multimedia Round 2 (2018-2019)

This round 2 (2018-2019) Jr. Multimedia, was the learning of how to write a story by using story structure. A story structure is the authoring framework or the author style of writing the story. There are many different types of story structures that were created by many story writers. One of the story structure that we choose to make our story framework was the Pixar Pitch Structure created by Pixar computer animation company. The Pixar Pitch structure goes like this:

  1. Once upon a time…” Open a general description for the settings and the characters of the story.
  2. Everyday…” Tell what is the everyday things look like, what do the protagonists and the antagonists do every day.
  3. One day…” A very special moment that makes the story has problems or conflicts that the characters need to do something to help solve.
  4. Because of that…” A first description that tells what changed because of the special moment.
  5. Because of that…” A second description that tells what have changed because of the first description.
  6. Until finally…” The result of the action that the characters have done to solve or make the problems worst. This is where the story end.

You can see how this structure was used in each Pixar movie, for example, Finding Lory. Each student in my class also used this structure to write a story. I wrote a short story and this is the Story.

Besides writing the story by using the Pixar pitch, we all so learn the basic of photography. We learned how to use the camera, the camera setting and each button on the camera and last the basic component that make a good photo such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and exposure. Before this lesson was included in the class, I already learned some of the lessons by myself. However, it was a good review and practice. Below are some of the photos that I took during the Outdoor Leadership exploration before I learn the photography lessons from my Jr. Essential Multimedia T. Cindy and thanks to my exploration lead facilitator T. Chanda for spent of his free time to edit all of the photos.