Jr. Essential Multimeadia Round 5


Photography is a visionary skill that tells an incredible story of existence time, through a stunning single-moment image by whoever wishes to feel that pleasant memory again and again. In addition, photography is also not about what a person sees (like cool, beautiful, amazing….), but it is how it makes a person feels about a moment that has happened in the past and then chooses to react over how they feel, not what they see.

At the same time, photo editing creates a new reforming vivid filter on top of a photo, that adds even more detail and story into an individual image. During class, I chose these projects to work on because I want to find my true creativity among different types of art and these are two of my most passionate about. I love the way how an image can tell an extraordinary 1000 stories just by a few single components. I really love photography and photo editing, as well as I,  am enthusiastic about these projects.

Throughout these short projects, learning the basic on how to take a photo is not really a challenge to me; since I practice it most of the time and it is based more on my creativity along with some techniques, when I have a camera in my hand. No matter in school or during a trip, any moment that I can get to, I will do so.

For photo editing it is a little compact, as a result, I have to go on Youtube to learn different types of tools while I have to ask Josh & T.Chanda for more clarification and example. I found some small challenges during the photo editing because on my PC the color pixel is not enough for the images to show up, and when I edit it the color is not accurate. Later, I fixed this problem by using the iMac in the Design lab. Another small personal problem is my eyes cannot identify the color of light blue, light purple, and others bluish color very well. Luckily, Lightroom has a name on every tool that they have including color. Even though my eyes can’t see a clear color in a picture, but they can see the whole story behind it.

No matter what happens in the future, photography along with photo editing will be one of the most creativity that I can express to the public and myself.

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