How I Change Cambodia |2017-2018|

Change is a natural development in the universe. Change is how something develops or upgrades from one to others anywhere, anytime, any second. There are two main changes, natural changes and non-natural changes. The two main changes are causing by two main factors, and they are living things and non-living things. Most of the changes are caused by livings things such as humans, animals, and plants. Now a day, Human is acting a really important role of change from voice to action, from city to country. Did you about King Jayaraman the 7th who made Khmer the great country, King Chan Reachea who protected Khmer from the enemies and King Norodom Sihanouk who developed Cambodia after French colonization? They are the heroes of Cambodia. They have made Cambodia a great country in its golden age and it was by change. You will think that change just comes from the countries’ leaders, but change is also coming from yourself and it is starting from you. I also have made a change to myself and others.

 The first change that I think I made it to myself, and it is in FLL Robotic. FLL robotic means “FIRST LEGO LEAGUE robotic”. It was about making a robot from legos, learning the mission that they give each year, and present it to them in other countries. Liger Leadership Academy which is my school chose to take this opportunity as an exploration to share this amazing experience for ten students, and I was one of them. This year 2018, the mission was Hydro-Dynamic. It was about finding a problem with water that we faced in our community, create the solutions,  and present it to them in Singapore. This changed both my perspective and my thought. The robot did not change me much, but the learning mission that FLL gave us to research; HYDRODYNAMIC stick into my mind. Our exploration’s facilitator teacher Chanda who is an expert with water divided us into a group of five and he had two topics; Arsenic and Bacterial in Cambodia. My team which was NERD 2, chose Arsenic because it was an interesting topic and a little challenge to find the solution. 

Arsenic is a deadliest, heavy, harmful, metal mineral that originated in the Himalayas volcano. When it erupted, the lava brought the arsenic and flow into the Mekong River. That’s why the country that is the border with the Mekong river has a problem with arsenic. Arsenic won’t kill you instantly, but it kills us like corrosion eat metal. When people drink more and more arsenic water every day, three or four years later they will get skin disorders all over their body, and that can cause a huge wound. Also, arsenic is a heavy metal so, it usually comes out of the tip of the toes, fingers, and hair first. The scariest thing about arsenic is untreatable. People can not use any medicine to treat, and that is a very heartbroken thing.   

One day, while my team doing the research, we found a video that was about a fourteen years old Cambodian boy whose life was depending on the water that contains arsenic. Every morning, he and his family have to bring water far away in his village’s well. It was a hard thing, but for a bucket of water, he must do it for his family. This is a very depressing thing. Imagine you have no safe water for drinking, and lack of water force you to drink harmful water. It is so sad that I think I will never waste any water that I used again.        

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