How I Change Cambodia |2018-2019| (Not Done)

CHANGE is a verb which uses to describe anything that is in the action of developing into a newer age, and it happens essentially everywhere in this sophisticated world. No one knows about the outcomes of Change, only if they were planned them and wished for a great ambition. 

Change can be complex as a wild goose chase or as simple as flickering a finger. In this distinguish world, there are many complicated and malfeasance changes that make us as a human cannot understand. However, there are also many seductive changes that we believe make this world a superb place.

My life here at Liger is a miracle as the most surprising and priceless gift ever handed. Every day, there is always a lesson that I can learn to become an even better learner, no matter where I am; during an academic trip or at school. (I call myself a leaner rather than a student because a leaner, they learn everything that they want from everyone at anywhere. Meanwhile, a student they study in class and only from the teacher.) My third year at Liger is the time that I see myself even clearer as a practical game-changer in helping Cambodia. Let name a few!

Throughout the year, every project that I was involved in has the same intention to make different changes to Cambodia in any particular part. No Single-Use-Plastic at Liger is my first seven weeks project of the year that took action to reduce the amount of single-use plastic such as plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic cups, snack bags, plastic spoons that come to Liger every day. The project managed to reduce 75% of the total amount of single-use plastic usage at Liger in the first three months after the campaign was launched. It was a small and tough project to work on, but it created the most environmentally friendly impact on my school. 

ILO is the first Senior project that I have been involved in, in a role as a language translator of the own-learning soft skill module. ILO is an acronym of the International Labour Organization; an organization parts of the UN that bring together government, employees, and workers to build up decent work and jobs to all people around the world, has partnered Liger to become one of their soft skill module provider to Cambodia students. On the behalf of the ILO, a group of Liger students has put themself in tasks to translate the contents from English to Khmer as the ILO advised, make the translation sound like Cambodia as close as possible and suitable for them. My team provides all of those translated soft skill modules to Cambodia students to learn, to take action, as well as becomes a better employee. The result for all the modules that have given out to the students, when implemented, is hard to say that they will use those lessons for their future. However, throughout the feedbacks form that was provided after each module, we can say what we have done made most of the students satisfied and willing to use those in one of their paths. 

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